Pita-inc is a company managing various creators, such as scenarists, scriptwriters, broadcast writers and mangaka.

Our works include "Creation of PV and MV" "Creation, direction of Youtube channels" "Direction of concerts and events" "Writing of TV programs, anime scenario"

We are also a global company with Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Chinese speaking staff.

Anime Scenario /

Series Edition

Story adaptation from original works (manga, video game) to the anime format, writing of the scenario and dialogues.

Manga Scenario

Writing of the original story and scenario of manga.

Broadcast program creation / editing / writing

Conception of new TV programs (educational, variety, entertainment, drama), creation of contents, TV program scenario writing.

Theater /

Stage Production

Play writing, stage direction, performers.

About Us

Pita-inc is a management company gathering a team of creators, scenarists, scriptwriters, broadcast writers, directors and mangaka.

Scriptwriters all have their own preferred domain, and present a wide range of different profiles to cover as many fields as possible.
As well as the broadcast writers who are in the core of the creativity process of television programs or promotional concepts.

Together they form a team working to both create and put in shape various projects, such as manga, games, movies or anime scenario. It let many ideas and ways of thinking cross path to give birth to the best quality content creations.



Masafumi Sugiura (Pierre Sugiura)

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer

・Anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” “Barakamon”

”Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru” Series adaptation, script writing
・Manga “Kousei / Matsui Kinako” Scenario


Ichikawa Gigaemon

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer

・Anime “PIKACHIN-KIT” “Duel Masters”
  “100% Pascal-sensei” Series adaptation, script writing
・MX “Konnosuke no Touken Sanpo” Series adaptation


Shinji Sato

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer

・FujiTV “Kamoshirenai Joyutachi” Script
・NHK “Nosy no hirameki kobo” Live adaptation
・TX “Magic Prince no Maji deshi” Program composition


Brazily An Yamada

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer / Theater group producer

・FujiTV “Kamoshirenai Joyutachi” Script
・NHK “Nosy no hirameki kobo” Live adaptation
・TX “Magic Prince no Maji deshi” Program composition


Katsuro Hidaka


・Anime “Lupin the Third” Script
・Game “Phantom of Kill” Script
・Game “For Whom the Alchemist Exists” Script


Uiko Miura


・Movie “Memories of Tomorrow” Script

(Winner of the 30th Japan Academy Award Excellence Screenplay)
”Ultraman Geed“ Series adaptation, script


Daigo Yoshida

Broadcast writer / Comedian

・NHK Educational “Shakiin” Program composition
・Anime “Shimajiro to asobo” Script
・ABC Comedian competition “M-1 Grand Prix” 3 times finalist


Taku Narahara

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer / Theater group producer

・Theater troupe “Chari-T” Founder, play writer, producer
・Movie “Fumiko no ashi” Script
・Movie “Genge” Script


Yoko Yonaiyama

Scriptwriter / Performer / Sign Language Coordinator /

Theater unit producer

・Theater unit “Chitakiyo” Founder, play writer, producer
・Anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Script
・Movie “Uso o tsuite” Script


Takahiro Nagano

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer

・Anime “Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru” Script
・Anime “PIKACHIN-KIT” Script
・Anime “Korokoro All Star Elementary School” Script


Ryo Ikeda

Scriptwriter / Actor / Art director / “Yuumei” representative

・Theater unit “Yuumei” Founder, play writer, producer
・Anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Script
・Anime “FLCL 3” Script


Natsu Teranishi


・NHK “Adults Basic English” Program composition
・Game Tokyo Shouseki ”Mathematics” Video conception
K-pop Group Romance Simulation Game Script


Koki Hashimoto

Scriptwriter / Broadcast writer

Professional Youtuber’s Video conception (3 million followers)
・NHK Educational “Shakiin” Script
・NHK “Katei Sougou Watashi no Shigoto” Script


Maika Shizuhara


・Drama “Company” Script
Foreign brands’ official Instagram text writing
Professional Youtuber’s Video conception

Business Information

Business contents :

  1. Creation, planning, composition, sales, production and appearances of television, radio, movies · stages · games · anime programs, etc…

 2. Multimedia research, development and consulting services
3. Worker dispatching business
4. Planning, production, composition and execution of various events
5. Planning, manufacturing and sales of apparel products
6. All business incidental to the preceding issues


Business partners :

NHK, Nippon Television Network ,TBS, TV Asahi, Tokyo MX, NHK Enterprise, NHK Educational Corporation, Toho, KADOKAWA, Warner Brother Pictures, VAP,  Benesse Corporation, Square Enix Directions,  The Works Communication, etc…. (Not in order)

About us :

Company name : Pita Corporation
Establishment : December 1, 2014
Address : SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE 38F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Please contact us for any business request, information or question.
(In Japanese, English, French, Spanish, …)

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